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CDN Benefits
08 Oct 2018
Cache-Control Headers are utilized by Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to provide the caching platform needed for content optimization and accelerated distribution. The caching used by CDNs adheres to similar technology principles which your web browser deploys to make sites load faster on your local device. Just as your browser keeps local data cached on your hard drive for quick access, so do CDNs keep cached data on their nodes ensuring visitors to your site experience faster load times. [...]
22 Oct 2014
We provide reports of cache utilization of your static CDN services (CDN Static and CDN Static Push). The following aspects are measured. CDN Cache Hits - Number of requests to your CDN service served directly from the CDN cache. Hits - Number of requests to your CDN service requiring pull from your origin server. Cache Hit Ratio - Ratio CDN Cache Hits / (CDN Cache Hits + Origin Hits) Please note that requests blocked by URL Signing, Password Protection, Country Access Policy, [...]