Top Files
20 Oct 2015

List Top Files Served from CDN

In addition to our collection of CDN usage analysis tools consisting of reports, live reports, advanced reports and raw logs we are happy to announce a new type of reports – the real time reports. The real time reports are reports with almost no delay (avg. 2 sec) and in our dashboard you can already see a first example – a list of top files served via a CDN service.

Top Files

For every URL you can check how much traffic it generated (data cached and non-cached), how many requests it received (hits and misses) and what was its cache-hit ratio (data cached / (data cached + data non-cached)).

For example our software delivery customers can use this tool to check if all their assets are being cached or our game delivery customers can easily view a list of their most downloaded games.

Sincerely your CDNsun team.