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03 Dec 2013

How a content delivery network can benefit your blog

How a content delivery network can benefit your blog

Article originally by Bart Pluskota the founder of CDNfinder.

The 21st century has seen a revolution take place in the way we consume information. As well as providing a globally sourced pool of news and information for end users, the internet has also facilitated the rise of crowd-sourced and user generated content. The pinnacle of this revolution has been the interminable march of the blog. From small scale, independent bloggers, to Silicon Valley start-ups hosting curated blogs on multiple themes, Web 2.0 has given internet users a never before experienced opportunity to get their opinions across online.

However, with the growing popularity of blogs showing no sign of receding, it can be easy for them to experience problems when it comes to bandwidth. Thankfully, content delivery networks (CDN) can provide welcome relief to both the amateur and professional blogger. With their globally situated network of servers, CDNs cache data to their international points of presence (PoPs), allowing end users to download the data that is closest to them.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a CDN for your blog:

  • As your site becomes more popular and visitor numbers increase, it can be difficult to stay with your existing host if they can no longer facilitate your required bandwidth. With a CDN, you no longer have to change site hosts, have your site shut down, or be asked to move to a more expensive hosting plan when resource use increases, as CDNs are easily scalable.
  • If your blog takes advantage of ecommerce, you can avoid the dreaded shopping cart abandonment that can occur on image-laden product pages.
  • When you receive sudden and unexpected spikes in traffic, your traditional host must throttle your site, limiting the bandwidth available to your users. CDNs help tackle these problems by using advanced load balancing technologies.
  • Many instances of extreme bandwidth use, site slow-downs and out-of-memory errors can be caused by the huge variety of plugins that can be added to blogs for greater functionality, interactivity and enhanced blogging experience. The bandwidth afforded by a CDN can help overcome this.
  • The global reach of many of the largest CDN providers can help you access exciting new markets without slowdown, increasing your user base and potential for advertising and retail revenue.

Blogs are proving to be an exciting way of communicating with the billions of web users around the globe, bridging the gaps created by poor print media infrastructure and restrictions on freedom of speech. This final point was poignantly proved during the liberation movements across the Middle East during the 2010s. If you’re looking to boost the performance and potential of your blog, get in touch with CDNfinder today and they can help you decide which service is the best for your exact needs. Or sign up for a 30 days free trial with CDNsun now!

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