Affiliate Marketing
14 Jun 2016

Do You Want to Earn Money Online? Then Give a Try To Affiliate Marketing with CDNsun!

Do you agree that Internet has become an efficient tool for making money? Yes, it’s really so, because the world wide web has opened immense opportunities for promoting, selling and buying various things. It doesn’t matter what you are purchasing or trading once your product has been advertised correctly.

In order to make the right and effective promotion of your goods, you can always use a wide range of internet-marketing tools. SEO optimization, context and banner adverts, e-mail marketing and affiliate programs may become real helpers for you in this case.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is viewed as a kind of outsourcing advertisement. If you are an online merchant and need some platforms for promoting your goods, you can always contact the owners of various websites and ask their permission to place your advert there. Of course, their consent may cost you some money, but, in general, such promo stunt brings lucrative dividends at the end.

On the other hand, bloggers and hosts of various websites may get a brilliant opportunity to make money from the air with the help of this internet-marketing method.

All in all, there are three main models of cooperation between the merchant and the web host. Having placed an advert on his website, the owner may get a certain pay per sale, click or lead. What does it mean?

The pay per click mode means that the possessor of the website gets a certain fee every time the visitor clicks a special link and passes to the merchant’s resource. The money is usually transferred immediately with the help of an electronic pay or sent to the host regularly on a certain day of the month.

If the advertisement placed on the affiliate website has made its visitor buy something from the merchant, then the owner of this site gets a pay per sale. It can be a definite percent from the sale or a commission.

An internet user may also register on the merchant’s website after having visited the affiliate resource. In this case, the owner of this website usually earns money per lead. It’s often a precise sum which has been specified by the merchant and the host earlier.

Is affiliate marketing a fair business? Definitely, yes, because the number of visitors who have jumped to the merchant’s website or have bought something from its site due to the affiliate advertising may be tracked with the help of URL (a unique link which is given to the web owner by the merchant).

Using this link, it’s quite possible to analyze and track all the traffic of his website.

Affiliate Marketing’s Peculiarities

Making money with the help of the affiliate adverts seems rather easy from the first sight. You have just to put a special link which leads to the merchant’s website somewhere on your own online resource and wait till one of your guests will clinic on it.

However, if you really want to earn some money as a web host, you have to do all possible things in order to make your website’s visitors click this link. It doesn’t mean that you should use some dishonest tricks, just think of the ways how to make someone interested in this link.

For instance, the affiliate advert can be always connected with your website’s theme. If your website is about various dog breeds, you can mention in one the articles posted on your website that the dog food produced by the merchant is always the right choice for small dachshunds.

In addition, all affiliate advertisements (affiliate programs) usually have a set TOS. It means that even if the visitor has used your website to come to the merchant’s web platform and haven’t bought anything there, you can still get your commission in case he makes his purchase a little bit later.

How Can I Get an Affiliate Link?

Affiliate links are usually provided with the help of special programs. You have just to sign up for this program, get a unique link and place it on your website.

CDNsun is also interested in affiliate advertising. If you want to sign up for our affiliate program and get a unique URL, fill in the application form, create your own account, confirm it, get access to a special dashboard where you will be given an original URL.

You can place this link on your own website or add it to your blog, outgoing emails, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

The link may also be promoted by special marketing tools provided by our company, and your referral traffic will be tracked by our affiliate system.

You can always control your earnings. Just enter our affiliate dashboard or view your performance on a daily and monthly basis with full reporting tools available.

We will transfer you money, once you have reached the set threshold sum for commission determined by our system. The payment will be sent by PayPal.