08 Apr 2014

CDNfinder wrote about us: CDNsun is helping bring customers exciting new technologies and high satisfaction

Eastern Europe is experiencing tremendous levels of growth with internet and mobile phone usage soaring. It is against this backdrop that the technology industry is booming, with many new and exciting startups being developed and making a name for themselves on the world stage.

One such start up is CDNsun. CDNsun specialise in providing content delivery network services to their customers, such as video delivery, live streaming and whole website acceleration. Since 2012, the Prague-based company has grown their value orientated offering rapidly and are now leaders at supplying their customers with exciting new technologies at an affordable rate.


A Strong Technology Base and High Security

Built upon the rock solid foundations of the OnApp CDN, CDNsun has developed a strong technology and high security base from which to offer their services. This has been made possible thanks to the impressive history of the company’s key figures. With many having graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the prestigious Charles University in Prague, they possess years of experience in developing Internet services and security systems and are a technical oriented group of individuals always seeking the best possible solutions for their customers, paying extra attention to performance, stability, security and scalability.


Customer Oriented

Whilst it can be easy for a company with these credentials to provide an overly technical service, CDNsun has made a conscious effort to focus on the customers’ needs no matter what their experience with content delivery and online security – from small to medium business with little knowledge of CDNs right up to large multinationals with strict CDN requirements. In their own words, CDNsun “are implementing complex systems to create simple, real life applications for business growth.” It is thanks to this mantra that they place a great deal of emphasis on responding quickly to customer feedback and developing their platform to provide a great user experience to all their clients.


A Flexible Network and Competitive Pricing

To help take full advantage of the network at CDNsun’s disposal, customers are able to have full control over which points of presence (PoPs) are used for their content delivery. And with a great selection of five pay as you go pricing plans, based on minimal bandwidth usage per month and starting at zero bytes and going up to advanced individual plans for petabytes bandwidth volumes, customers can be sure that they only pay for the bandwidth they use.


David Pospisil, CDNsun founder and CEO, set out to “develop an enterprise backend and an intuitive frontend powered by an award winning support”. Given the popularity of his offering and the level of growth CDNsun has achieved over the past few years, he is certainly well on his way to fulfilling that goal. With a broad range of packages, CDNsun provides an ideal network for value-conscious small to medium businesses and large multinational corporations alike. And their strong focus on the customer experience and responding swiftly to client feedback helps set CDNsun apart from the competition, giving potential CDN customers are viable alternative to some of the venerable big name content delivery network providers.

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