03 Oct 2016

7 Important Features Your eCommerce Website Needs

When you plan to earn money by eCommerce activity, you usually try to create an awesome website with catching images and useful content. Then you start to wait when your first clients will dial goods from your online store.

Everything seems perfect, but your phone is silent and your mailbox is empty. Finally, you can’t understand why your online store has become so unpopular and shut down your business…

However, the reason why your sales have fallen up to a zero level is quite obvious: your website design isn’t able to grab your target audience’s attention the moment they start to browse it.

Remember, if you want to attract visitor’s attention, it’s vital to show him everything he needs nearly at once. Overall, you always have up to 10 seconds to persuade somebody that you are interesting and useful.

Today, we are going to list 7 key things you should incorporate into your website home page if you want to make your visitors stay.

1.     Search Bar, Shopping Cart, and Customer Account

If you are going to trade things through the internet, it’s vital to give your potential clients a handy set of tools to buy things from you. For instance, make sure that your online store or eCommerce website has a shopping cart. Online shoppers like to use this option because they are always able to save and check the things they are going to purchase. In addition, it’s very handy to see the entire sum of money you are going to spend.

Big online stores or eCommerce websites often have a wide goods’ assortment. If you are the one or just want to make your site really convenient, you should definitely supply your online store with an easy-in-use search panel.

Finally, you may also persuade your first-time customers to become permanent ones by giving them an opportunity to make their personal accounts. Loads of online shoppers like doing this, because they can easily check their previous and current orders, make a wish list and get the latest news about available discounts and bonuses.

2.     Convincing Call-to-Action

Selling things often means persuading people that they really need them. Once you’ve decided to become an online merchant, it’s essential to supply your online store with the things that will call your potential website visitors to purchase. For instance, you may supply certain goods with a good bonus and set an expiration date, or offer to buy several goods and then give a free gift.

3.     Business Logo

Shoppers like to deal with reliable and trustworthy merchants. If you strive to be the one, you must have your own logo. It can be a visual image, your business name written by a specific font or a combination of both.

If you want to establish your own logo and make it noticeable, try to design a picture or an inscription that makes your business look really respectable.

4.     Bonuses, Offers and Freebies

People like buying cheap things of high quality. Even if you are trading something expensive, you will sell it faster once you’ve decided to give your potential clients an opportunity to save.

For instance, it’s possible to set time-limited discount programs or tell your buyers about limited offers and supply them with the now-or-never drive to purchase.

Think of your customers’ shipping expenses. If you cut them down, your clients will be pleased and always motivated to buy something from you.

In fact, there are loads of ways to help your buyers save. Advertise these great savings in an eye-catching manner on your home page, and your sales will definitely increase.

5.     New products and Trends

If you want to look cool, you need to be up-to-date and trendy, don’t you?

When you are selling things or services, it’s always vital to tell your customers about available novelties. Make short descriptions of the new products you are going to sell, tell your website visitors how these things will make their lives better and underline that these products are totally new and trendy.

6.     Customer Service

People like to communicate with each other, so it’s quite natural that someone will want to phone or email you to ask several questions.

If you don’t want to cut down the communication line between you and your possible clients, provide them with a support team or online chat. Make these options noticeable on your home page and be ready to answer the first phone calls or emails from your potential buyers.

7.     Important Links and Icons

When a visitor gets interested in your website, he will scroll it up to the end. That’s why it’s always vital put smaller links and icons on the bottom part of the screen. You may use security icons, social media links and payment system icons.

Posting the right icons will always ensure your possible buyers that it’s safe to purchase things here.

Having the right web design is essential. However, your online store won’t be effective if it’s a slow one.

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