18 Feb 2014

CDNsun Team – Busy Bees

We have been very busy last few weeks, we have done a lot of work and we would like to share this success with you as it is primary for you – our loved customers.

Five CDN services of CDNsun

We currently offer these 5 CDN services:

Static – for accelerating static content

Static Push Рfor accelerating static content stored with us

Video – for accelerating video content

Video Push –¬†for accelerating video content stored with us

Live – for live events streaming

Please see our solutions for more details.

Storage space for free

Would you like to store your data with us? No problem we offer storage space directly integrated into our CDN accessible via FTP, SFTP or RSYNC. It is free up to 20G. Please see our pricing for more details.

API management

Our REST API for:

– Managing CDN services

– Managing Storages (Push Zones)

– Retrieving CDN services bandwidth and costs reports

– Managing accounts (for resellers)

Please see our knowledgebase for more details.

Advanced features of CDNsun CDN services

– Country Access Policy

– Hotlinking Protection

– IP Access Policy

– Password Protection

– URL Signing

– Parallel Downloads

– Failover

– HTTP Pseudo Streaming

– Secure Wowza Token

Please see our knowledgebase for more details.


As always – we would love hear any feedback from you.



Sincerely, your CDNsun team.

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