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27 Oct 2014
On our website we use Olark live chat. It is a great software and we would definitely recommend it to a friend. We really like to monitor our services and one of the interesting tasks was how to monitor that our live chat is on-line. We provide 24/7 email, phone and live chat support so being on-line is essential for us. Another great software which we use is NodePing monitoring. We would also recommend it to a friend. NodePing provides four HTTP [...]
20 Aug 2014
CDNsun is a high quality CDN provider aimed on providing the best CDN services at the cheapest possible price. Sign up for 15 days free trial in August or September and benefit from the best prices on the CDN market! Game Delivery Software Delivery Live Streaming On-Demand Streaming Find out more at CDNsun solutions page. Extensive coverage of 5 continents - 70 PoPs! North America - 17 PoPs South America - 2 PoPs Europe - 34 PoPs Asia - 12 PoPs Oceania - 5 PoPs Find out more at CDNsun network [...]